Flip Out London

'24 Flip'

A Real Pinball Challenge!

'24 Flip' is a 24-hour-long non-stop marathon tournament taking place on the weekend of 29th & 30th September 2018.

The cost of entry is £40/£50 per person (Members/Non-Members).

The tournament is limited to a maximum of 50 players.

The registration form will be posted on this page at flipoutlondon.com shortly. A refund of 80% of the registration fee (£40) will be available until 30th July provided we can fill your spot. A 50% refund (£25) will then be available until 15th September provided we can fill your spot. No refunds will be available after that date whether we fill your spot or not.

The event kicks off on Saturday 29th September at 2pm. Doors to the facility open at midday. Competitors should sign-in at least 30 minutes before tournament starts.

This is a match play format with straight Swiss-style seeding used from the second round onwards. The first round will be a completely random allocation of groups. We will be using matchplay.events to record and track the results, and to display the groupings for each round.

Each round will be four-player groups playing three pre-selected games. Scoring is 3-2-1-0. If the situation occurs when people drop out as the event goes on and we have some three-player groups, they will always be at the bottom of the seedings and scoring will be 3-1.5-0.

After each round is complete we will announce and start the next round immediately. New groups will be formed starting with the competitors with the most points and working our way down. We will play as many rounds as we can in the 24 hours period.

We will have basic food (hot dogs, crisp, etc.) and drinks available, but feel free to bring your own food including any that you want heated in our microwave oven. We recommend bringing your own water bottle to refill to help minimise the waste and clutter of empty cups everywhere during the event. We have chairs and couches for seating but you are welcome to bring folding-style chairs for seating if you prefer.

Prize money will be structured as follows:

After round 1, if any player has scored a perfect score of 9 points for the round they will receive a bounty of £10. If more than one player scores a 9 the £10 bounty will be split between them. If not one scores a 9 the £10 is carried over to the next round and another £10 is added to the bounty purse. This continues for every round and keeps building until collected and then starts afresh with another £10 for the next round.

After 18 hours (at 8am) the top 25 will be put into A Division. The bottom 25 will be in B Division. For the next 6 hours the same format will continue but each division separated. The tournament continues until we reach 2pm on Sunday 30th September. At that time no more rounds will begin although any games in the current round can be completed.

When we begin the last round, the top four players in both divisions will be playing for the prize purse.

The top four players in A Division will be awarded trophies and the following cash prizes:

The top four players in B Division will be awarded trophies and the following cash prizes:

These prizes are based on a full field of 50 players and are subject to change if the field is not full when we start the event.

Anyone can choose to sit out any number of rounds, but if you miss a round you are put at the bottom of the seeding list, will score a 0 for each round you sit out and will not be awarded a completion medal. After every 8 hours we will take a 45-minute break for everyone to recharge. We have Wi-Fi for those who may need it for their work.

This will be a true test of everyone's mental endurance more than anything!

Registration is now open - Click HERE - Good Luck!

Currently Registered Competitors:

Anders Birgersson
Rolf Ericson
Wayne Johns
Dan Lewell
Johan Karlsson
Thomas Evrenos
Tim Thornton
Nick Hamill